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October 28, 2013 by julietannb


“We got a chance to talk to the chatty and enthusiastic Irish twin boys John and Edward Grimes, known as Jedward and even though they were tired because of the time zones they were so excited to chat about their upcoming Australian tour, their jepic fans and their favourite shopping destinations. Initially, we spoke to John but not too long in Edward can’t help but join the interview to chat to Spotlight Report.

Before we could get a word in, the enthusiastic John told us how excited he is to tour Down Under, and to introduce himself.

J – ‘We’re really excited about coming to Australia. We can’t wait to come. We are performing at the Enmore Theatre on the 1st of December, which is like a really really cool way to kick off the Christmas season.

We have a concert in Ireland in a day, we’re really excited, we just went to the shops there, we bought loads of food to keep our energy.’

SR -What can the Aussie Jedheads (Jedward fans) expect from the tour since its your first tour in Australia?

JEDWARD-01J- What they can expect from our tour. We’ve been to Australia twice but we haven’t done a tour. What they can expect from our show – like we have 10 outfit changes, we perform like thirty songs, we’re on stage for a long time, and we have loads of good vibes. You should come to the show, even if you don’t know every song, by the end of every song you will know every song because they’re all very catchy songs.

We do fast songs, then kind of fast songs, and we do slow songs. We do an acoustic set as well which consists of like four acoustic songs with the guitar to slow it down a bit for our fans. We try to change it up, by doing some fast songs and some slow songs and its good. They get really excited. So they can expect a really really cool show…..”

Click here to read the full interview here.

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